Imagining Geographies & Civic Soul Media

Compromised, partial archive of Imagining Geographies & Civic Soul regional engagement initiatives (2012-2016) undertaken by dedicated students and residents.

About Us

Following initial Antarctica programming (2012), Imagining Geographies [IG] launched a multi-year focus on the land, lives, and arts of Southern Illinois. We do so through transdisciplinary investigations and discussions of past histories and present issues that engage our imaginations in thinking about and expressing what our present-future lives might be like in this region, and we advance initiatives that seek to transform imagining into action.

For example, we discussed an imaginative proposal to create a ‘food forest’ in Carbondale (2013); we partnered with the Rural Civil Rights Project to collect and share stories of race relations and activism (2013, 2014); we discussed potential of emerging “community rights” paradigm to strengthen involvement of civil society and citizens in local policymaking (2014), and applied environmental justice (2014) as prism to assess initiatives, such as: fracking, deteriorating levees, & erection of solar arrays on brownfield site within Carbondale’s city limits.


Links & Resources

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