Soundwalk through the Forest

cardinalExperience the rich soundscape of the Shawnee National Forest while on a soundwalk at Pomona Natural Bridge. Jay Needham and Dave Armstrong will lead the guided walk, and will introduce participants to the concept of acoustic ecology and active listening techniques. Additionally, Dave will be making sound recordings for an upcoming  segment of the WSIU show he produces and narrates – Sounds Like Radio. We are pleased to offer this experience in conjunction with the upcoming  publication by SIU Press of the book by Larry & Donna Mahan – 20 Day Trips in and Around the Shawnee National Forest.
Meet at the front of SIUC Student Center at 8:30am and we will depart via car pool. Maps and additional information will be provided. The event will run until 11:30am. Please bring a bottle of water per person plus a rain jacket. Lightweight trail boots or sturdy shoes are recommended.What is a Soundwalk: According to Dave Armstrong, one of the facilitators of the April trip:  “Soundwalks offer a guided, semi-structured method for highlighting the aural quality of our surroundings. In a visually-oriented culture, giving focused thought to the sense and manner of one’s hearing is rarely done. Through the practice of soundwalks, we strengthen our personal ties to listening, environment, as well as become aware of our own sonic footprint.”
To register for this event, email your name and phone number to  If you prefer to meet in Pomona or be picked up along the route, please let us know in the email

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